We take care of lead generation for your company with a proven blueprint.

The 1-week Lead Booster Program generates quality leads on LinkedIn for any product or service in need of a boost.

Lead Booster Campaign Example

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What is Lead Booster?

Three of our GrowForce growth marketeers and a conversion copywriter will be at your service for 5-days. From conception to execution, they will set up a unique lead generation campaign to launch or kickstart your product on LinkedIn. 

  • Are you struggling with lead generation for a product or service?
  • Are your marketing efforts leaving you with a negative ROI?
  • Are you planning to launch a new product but do you have difficulties in selecting the correct target audience?

How does the process work?

Keep in mind what you see above is a glimpse of the plan.

We provide so much more in 5 days.

If you want to grow big in a week, you can visit the link below to start right away.

One day analysis


We get to know your brand  with a one-day deep-dive to understand your company.  This will give us food for thought. 

We'll analyze your data, structure, target audience and learn from your earlier campaigns.

Pitching the ideas


After our research on yesterday, we will create and discuss the skeleton of your project.

Together we will choose a data-backed lead magnet such as an eBook, cheat-sheet, case study etc.

Execution day 1


You'll get the skeleton of the campaign with the table of contents.

After your approval, our growth marketers and copywriter will start to produce the lead magnet.

Execution day 2


Production of all the content material you will need.

  • LinkedIn Video
  • LinkedIn Post copy
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram/Socials
  • Copy for other forums or platforms.

Distribution day


We'll execute the distribution plan tailored for your campaign. And push the lead magnet in determined social platforms.

You'll get all the generated material from GrowForce.

Follow-up call

Next Week

We will provide a follow-up call in which we will analyse the results of campaign.

  • Analysis of lead generation campaign 
  • Analysis of socials
  • Google Analytics 

What will you get at the end of the campaign besides hundreds of leads?

One-day product and target audience analysis.

Implementation of new growth marketing tools.

A lead magnet (eBook, cheatsheet, case study etc.) tailored to your needs. 

Three ideas that you can use in your future campaigns.

The perfect landing page of the campaign with three different layouts.

Cold email nurture sequence by a conversion copywriter.

We help founders, marketers and growth teams create predictable sales funnels and increase adoption, retention and referral. 

The GrowForce team does this by teaching you how to automate lead generation, optimize lead & customer flows and brainstorm about growth experiments. Our team can also help to bring your value proposition, sales and marketing process, technology stack and sales team to a higher maturity level.


companies coached


professionals trained


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