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Growforce Inspiration Session

What is growth marketing and why should you care?

These are the questions that will be answered during this 1 hour power Inspiration Session at GrowForce HQ in Antwerp.

What is in for you in the lunch session?

What is the Growth Marketing Mindset and why do you need it?

Is my team ready to run growth experiments? And how to start?

What are some experiments you can start with tomorrow?

Got questions about growth marketing? This is your moment

Become a certified growth marketer in 6 weeks!

What can you expect?

Hands-on approach

During the 6-week evening course, we’ll give you a deep-dive into growth marketing with a very hands-on approach. We’ll teach you the mindset, the skills and how to implement everything in your own company or project.

No previous skills required

This course is perfect for anybody who is interested in growing a product, service or company. We’ve gathered the best tools, websites, books, best practices, examples and exercises to make sure you end the course with everything you need to know to build and design your own growth tactics.

Full-time support

The course will be led by a team of experienced growth marketers and sales experts from GrowForce.  

We will be there to help you every step of the way. We create slack channels, so students can directly contact us at any time. At the end of every week, we send over the slides.

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