Dear reader,

Thanks for reading. People are not reading anymore. Now, they choose to watch videos. Because it’s the easiest option.

Do you know why it is so easy? The profound answer is survival. Briefly, the brain is smart and it wants to conserve some calories to survive. It’s a primal decision.

If we would have a video link down below, you’ll probably choose the video content over text. But don’t worry, this guide will be easy on your brain. And will give you reasons and encouragement to start with video marketing.

1. Your brain is better at processing visuals

Let’s kick it with an undeniable fact. Go 70.000 years back. You need to hunt to live one more day. Hunt or to be hunted. 

What if a jaguar sees you before you do? What if you step on a snake? You have to be careful.

That’s why our ability to interpret images through sight has developed very well. Your brain is naturally equipped to handle visual information. It takes 13 milliseconds to process an image. 

So, modern writing emerged around 7.000 years ago. 

That’s why you found yourself repeating the same paragraph for the third time. Your brain still needs to lift some weights to understand.

2. Video is the king of the memory palace

Video content is all in one. It can bring movement, music, noise, text and photographs together to tell a story. 

All these elements combined make a memorable experience for your customers. See this study; the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it’s watched, whereas only 10% when read.

Also, 65% of people define themselves as visual learners. That explains why they choose how-to videos vs. 3000 words wall of text.

Do you want the throne in the memory palace? Video marketing will get you the crown.

3. Video reflects emotions

It happened to you more than a hundred times. You saw a stranger having a laugh attack or he was just genuinely happy. You felt it and smiled too.

Have you ever heard about mirror neurons?

These neurons can recognize and reflect emotions. They can mirror non-verbal expressions, gestures and even little mimics.

This is why video marketing is so good. It can make us feel every little emotion. 

When a customer is genuinely satisfied with your service, your potential buyers will be able to feel it, too. Then they can smoothly press the “buy now” button.

Here to test it you can watch this testimonial with one of our GrowForce Academy alumni:

4. Video marketing is great for SEO

Google people are smart. They know people stay for hours on the internet to watch videos. For the same reason, they favor video in their environment, which is basically all the web.

So what happens if you post video content on your site?

Google will love you back. It’ll send signals to search engines that you have optimized content. That way, you’ll have more traffic, authority and a chance to get on the first page.

Here are some mouth-watering statistics. You’ll have 53 times more chance to show up on the first page and 157% more organic traffic through organic search. 

Video marketing will play an essential role in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.

5. ROI(Return of Investment) is your favorite metric 

You already know people stay for video content and it drives more traffic. Then you can guess, a video that solves your customers’ problem will convert.

Every day, you saw tens of low-quality video ads on FB, YouTube and Instagram. Do you know what customers think about them?

They don’t care about the low quality and poor design. Here are some of the things they care about:

Does the video content clearly explain the service or product?
Does this brand understand my problem?
Can they guide me to the light?

We’re not saying, go and shoot lousy video content. But you don’t need high budget productions to see more conversion with video marketing.

Hey, left brains we didn’t forget you and prepared an analytical feast for you:

6. The Future is video marketing

Look around you. People use their mobile phones like a pocket TV. They binge-watch the series on the train, in bed, while walking… Everywhere. Millennials learn how to create an online business on the go. 

90% of consumers watch videos and research on mobile phones before the decision. YouTube is not going to stop growing %100 every year.

You see, the video will take over the internet because people demand so. We think it’s better to start with video marketing and give your customers what they want.

7. Video marketing humanizes your brand

Thousands of people work under x company. They have a cool office, fun job and they’re happy to work there.

But what do you see? Just a logo. 

It’s hard to feel anything by looking at a logo. Faceless and distant. Almost mechanical. It doesn’t like real people working and living under the same roof.

It is hard to trust a logo. But a face? Oh, face=conversion. It makes your brand authentic.

And video marketing is the perfect window to exhibit your brand personality. You can show off yourself or turn your staff into brand promoters in your video content.

Your customers will know you on a personal level now. You might be a serious businessman/woman. However, you can be funny, interesting and relatable. Video is more flexible and humane then you think.

You’ll see, it becomes easier once you build trust between you and your customers.

8. Video marketing is cost-effective and relatively easy 

We mentioned above. Your customers aren’t looking for the best video ever. They want to understand your product, see you and trust you with the help of the video. 

Look, we have heavy machines to shoot high-quality video content. But see this video, it went viral on LinkedIn. We shot this video with iPhone 7. 

This is it. 

This is the best thing about video marketing.

You can ideally buy shiny cameras, lights and create your own studio. But you can start with video marketing NOW.

Stop reading, start with video marketing.

Left-brained or right-brained. You see the all statistical, scientific and social reasons why. Now you see enough reasons to start with video marketing today.

And you know, you don’t have to be Tarantino shoot a simple video and deliver your core message to your customers. But if you want to be shoot like Tarantino that fine too. Then you can read our complete guide about video marketing.

It’s a complete guide that teaches you from storytelling to shooting the actual video to grow your business. And the best part, it eliminates all the fears about video marketing with formulas. You won’t regret it.




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