It’s official: GrowForce joins Upthrust, one of the 5 driving forces behind the international professional services group Customer Collective. As a result of the integration of our team and offering into Upthrust, we proudly become part of the European market leader in growth marketing services. 

As we embark on the growth journey of Upthrust and their group Customer Collective, we happily answer 5 FAQs:


1. Why does GrowForce become part of Customer Collective & Upthrust?
This acquisition is a win-win for our clients and talents: joining Customer Collective enables us to serve our clients with a broader offering, while our employees can continue to develop their growth marketing expertise on a European scale. 

2. What does this mean for the growth marketing market?
Before the integration, GrowForce and Upthrust were two separate leading growth offices operating in the European market. By joining forces, our team and client portfolio become larger than those of any other growth marketing agency – which makes Upthrust the European market leader in growth marketing services.

3. What’s the track record of Upthrust?
Just like GrowForce, Upthrust officially kicked off in 2018. Since their launch, they’ve grown into a leading digital acceleration office, specialized in advanced digital analytics, full-funnel growth marketing, digital product design & staffing of digital experts. Their portfolio consists of ambitious SMEs and corporates across Europe, such as SDWorx, Messer, Nespresso, Torfs and Gimber.

4. How does this acquisition impact the offering of Upthrust?
Upthrust expands their offering with a.o. our mature growth marketing academy. We’ll continue to educate SME leaders, marketers and corporate teams on the growth marketing methodology through certified courses and workshops. Our offering of open and tailored corporate programs will be scaled internationally and further adapted to client needs.

5. How do Upthrust and Customer Collective relate to each other?
Customer Collective was created in March 2021 and connects Upthrust, The House of Marketing (strategic marketing consulting & interim management), Dignify (CRM & marketing technology), addData (machine learning & data architecture, focused on marketing) and Fightclub (branding & performance). The group focuses on the concept called ‘customer ownership’: to meet the needs of today’s end consumer, they apply a unique mix of digital, strategy, technology, data and branding & performance expertise.

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