Top 20 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

Last Friday, we had our weekly team meeting and discussed some of the upcoming trends. We, ten growth marketers, came up with a list of 20 trends for 2020.

We’re super excited because there is some cool new stuff coming.

New trends = new platforms and features to explore = new growth opportunities.

This blog post will help you to discover what could work for you in 2020! And possibly bring you ideas to grow faster this year. We’ve also shared the list of growth marketing tools we use, enjoy the read!

The Dracula Strategy: How to leech the network of the influencers on LinkedIn and transform them into your leads.

This playbook is very short and powerful. It’ll show you how to find LinkedIn influencers in your market and transform their network into your qualified leads!

All real-life examples and results. Also, it’s supported step-by-step video and image guides from GrowForce members. It’s a potent and flexible one, you can use it for any goal!

Inside the blog post, you can also find 3 outreach templates we use! You can read it here.

Harley Quinn has better SEO, so Birds of Prey is getting a new name. 

A funny story that shows how consumer behavior can change a movie name! Of course, SEO is playing a huge role in that article so peek in if you want to see the power of SEO.

This is also a good case study that shows the importance of social listening!

The marketing genius of Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X came from nowhere and became the artist who is dominated the billboard 200 for the longest time. It takes tens of years of hard work to get there but Lil Nas X appeared in features that an artist can’t even dream of in 2-3 years.

Is it luck? Or is it the growth hacking skills of the Lil Nas X? A must-read because it’s full of actionable hacks.

How to spot bad headlines before they make your visitors bounce – an intro to easy copy validation

You might think it’s creativity but Copywriting is science. And this article is showing you how to approach and validate your headlines with the famous 5-second rule.

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Give and take, have a lovely day!