Growth hacking vs. traditional marketing – 8 major differences.

Our customers and prospects ask about his comparison a lot. Well, it’s important for you because the future of your business depends on this decision.

This article is going to explain the differences between the two in a transparent manner. By the end of this detailed comparison, you’ll be able to identify which one better for your business.

Surprising a customer with a birthday cake.

How can a birthday cake change your business? To grow your business, you should always aim for ROI, but the ROI of a birthday cake is quite hard to measure.

But sometimes, great customer-centric and unmeasurable ideas can bring incredible results to your business. This article will encourage you to realize those ideas!

The Dracula Strategy: How to leech the network of the influencers on LinkedIn and transform them into your leads.

This playbook is very short and powerful. It’ll show you how to find LinkedIn influencers in your market and transform their network into your qualified leads!

All real-life examples and results. Also, it’s supported step-by-step video and image guides from GrowForce members. It’s a potent and flexible one, you can use it for any goal!

Inside the blog post, you can also find 3 outreach templates we use! You can read it here.

The US elections: social listening analysis.

Growth marketing is changing the world for real. The exposure and social media presence of the candidates during the election period plays a huuuuuge role in the results.

Want to see how the race is going in the U.S? Then read this one!

Bonus: How to save money for growth marketing tools and create your own toolset.

SaaS spend keeps on adding up for every digital company. Yet, every entrepreneur and executive knows it well: you got to know the latest fancy tool to help you and your team kickstart your business, automate your marketing, grow your revenues, and so on.

Now, how do you keep knowing what’s hot and save money for it?

Secret is a marketplace of exclusive benefits & discounts on software for businesses. They enable professionals to discover and save money on major SaaS tools.

Let’s take a quick look at 5 of their 100+ deals as an example:

  • $2,000 credit on Airtable
  • $2,000 credit on Freshworks
  • 12 months free on Sendgrid
  • 6 months free on Typeform
  • 6 months free on Hotjar

Pretty cool huh?

What is great with Secret is that they provide deals on the major SaaS in their categories: Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Technology, Design, Finance, Legal, HR…

They curate and vet the best software for professionals so you don’t need to spend a ton of time researching or looking for alternatives.  

How does Secret work?

Anyone can sign up for free. Once your account is approved, you get one deal free. To unlock more, you can either invite friends or subscribe to an annual membership (€50) to unlock all deals.

And actually… We have a secret for Secret. At the signup, type down GROWFORCE in the message field of your application form. Your account will then be automatically approved and you will access Secret with 5 extra deals free!

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