19 Growth Hacking Examples That You Can Copy-Paste

We’ve dived deep into the growth hacking and found a couple of growth hacking examples that you can find nowhere else. If you want to find inspiration for your next growth marketing experiment, this article is perfect for you.

You can even find a growth hack about Tiger King. Wow. You can read it here.

The Future Of Sales Webinar on SDR (Sales Development Representative)

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The Cleverest Follow Up Email Templates

If you are not a seasoned copywriter or a salesman, you’ll recognise this moment. You stare at your empty mail interface and think “Ok, what should I write?”

Sometimes choosing the right words and strategy can be painful for your fingers. Or your relationships with your prospects. But fear not, our friends at Salesflare wrote these templates for you!

How a Creative Google Ad Got An Investor’s Attention

There is not much to say about this clever growth hacking strategy. The article itself is too short, I don’t want to ruin it by giving you spoilers. Why don’t you dive into it?

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