How we generated 700+ leads on LinkedIn with zero budget

We documented our entire LinkedIn lead generation strategy for you. The playbook contains details about every single step, including self-made how-to-videos and images.

You’ll also see the real-life examples with actual results.

As you see below, we even applied the same strategy to generate leads with this playbook on LinkedIn. No surprise, it’s proven once again.

Want to generate your first qualified leads on LinkedIn. You can read the full playbook here.

The secret all top brands use to win: Dynamic Creative.

Generic social ads are annoying. Brands show them to their target audience in the loop for eternity. The outcome is often ad fatigue.

Well, you don’t have to retarget your audience until they hate you. This eye-opener article here will show you how to be relevant to your customers.

You can read more about the hyper-personalized, real-time advertisement from here.

Social Media Trends for 2020 and Beyond.

As you know, social media is a fast-moving world. And this blog post will help you to rethink your strategy for 2020 with data-backed predictions. 

By the way, yes, influencers are staying and video content will remain the king. For more, you can read here.

The 88 Books Every Marketer Should Read, According to 159 Marketing Pros.

 Marketing is neverending learning progress and it’s fun. I’m glad that it’s like that otherwise it would be boring, right?

Reading is a must for marketers. There are always so many new things to catch up and learn. And the books are our saviors.

In this blog post, 159 experienced marketers reveal their most succulent books. What a source!

Expand your library here.

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